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© by Russ Zimmerman, May 2018
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Swing arm lamp, $30 at Office Depot. Be sure it has a metal pin to fit clamp base The lamps shown above are essen- tial, helping you achieve clean and smooth cuts. To the left note  shadow cast by the lamp allows you to watch the progress of the cut as the shape develops.
Homemade jig for grinding gouges
Homemade steady rest discussed in “Turning Letters”
VicMarc chuck
Myford Mystro lathe in shop
Grinder’s tool support adjusted for grinding skews
Grinder’s tool support adjusted for grinding scrapers
Lumapro 2RPJ3 36” gooseneck lamp. I really liked these but they are now $75
Myford ML8 lathe in shop
Some tools for use in class
More tools. There are two more racks like these for your use
The fingernail gouge is cutting outward and up- ward over the fibres. See “Turning prin- ciple 2.”