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Perhaps in the future. As noted in History, I am leaving Florida and

returning north to New England. Just where, stay tuned. In the

meantime, if you live in New England, you may want instruction in your

own shop.

For the future: Tuition is $400* for two days, including practice material and two lunches.

For those that may not have two days to spend on turning, I offer a one-day class, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30-6:00 p.m. or so, including practice material and lunch--$225*. Short term sessions by the hour are possible, minimum 2 hours at $60. $25 per hour thereafter.


(1) Since I will again be living in the north, at a place yet to be determined, I will be available to work with you. The tuition is $225* for one day with your providing practice material and lunch if I can get there and back within the day, and a mileage allowance for one way distances over 25 miles. If you wanted a second day of instruction, it would be $175, with your providing accommodation for the night and meals. (2) If you wish me to come to your shop more off the beaten path, please e-mail with a description of your wishes and we can proceed from there.


*One- and two-day tuition includes a set of the "Zimmerman Turning Letters," a 158 page, detailed and indexed, review of what you have done in class, plus technical analysis of turning theory and practice. Also included are miscellaneous stories about turners I have met while travelling in England, France and the U.S., the latter being a bit outdated.


Choose a date or dates that would be good for you and contact me to work out the details. E-mail is best because it follows me wherever I am. Click or paste:  RUSSZIMM@GMAIL.COM Or phone and leave a message: No phone yet. Please use e-mail.
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